"From my experience, clients benefit the most when they have a therapist they can relate to- someone they feel able to trust and believe is interested in understanding them.

Dr. Tara DeWitt is that type of a therapist. She is warm, kind, relatable, funny and cares deeply about her clients. Because she is so accepting, it is easy to feel comfortable opening up with her. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Tara as a therapist to work with."

– Bukky Kolawole, PsyD, Relationship HQ

Colleague and Motivational Interviewing (MINT) Trainer

"Dr. Dewitt is a truly talented psychologist and organizational consultant. In our work together with executives and professionals, I have had the pleasure to see Dr. Dewitt manage and facilitate numerous Teambuilding programs within large and small organizations. She carefully conceptualizes the problems that prevent teams from functioning optimally, and constructs a consultation program that allows all team members to feel psychologically safe in sharing the real issues that are holding them back. Dr. Dewitt has the ability to genuinely connect with executives and staff at all levels, providing solution-focused feedback and coaching that allows for strategic planning. Your organization will be lucky to have her on your consultation team!"

– Dr. Ilysa Michelson

Psychologist and Organizational Consultant

"Dr. DeWitt teaches Motivational Interviewing (MI) in a clear and compassionate way.  She is able to encourage learning of detailed skills while also gently challenging when necessary.   She facilitates skill-building groups and practice sessions with providers new to MI in an enjoyable fashion that allows students to feel comfortable experimenting and stretching themselves in a safe and supportive environment."

– Dr. Stephanie Kleiner-Morrissey

Psychologist and Motivational Interviewing learner