Motivational Interviewing Training

Dr. DeWitt is a national trainer and consultant in Motivational Interviewing and is a certified member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).  She has extensive experience providing a range of workshops across disciplines. If you or your facility are interested in a training or ongoing consultation, please reach out.


Dr. DeWitt offers Motivational Interviewing workshops for mental health, health care, substance abuse, educational and legal professionals. Trainings range in length from one hour to full day or week long trainings. Workshops are customized to your facilities and professionals needs. All trainings involve experiential work and are an engaged, active experience for participants. Participants begin to gather an understand how to best utilize Motivational Interviewing by experiencing it for themselves. Ongoing follow up can also be arranged to promote learning maintenance and sustainability.


Dr. DeWitt provides ongoing consultation and support to individuals and facilities. She has expertise in coding tapes (MITI 4.2) and can provide guided feedback to move you and/or your team to a level of competency when utilizing Motivational Interviewing.

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