Corporate Coaching

Effective leaders, business partnerships and teams are the cornerstone of healthy corporations. Dr. DeWitt provides teambuilding, coaching and facilitation sessions across the tri-state area. She has worked with a diverse range of teams including: health care teams, IT teams and executive leadership. Dr. DeWitt also collaborates with seasoned facilitators and coaches for larger teambuilding and corporate retreats.


Dr. DeWitt works one on one with you to facilitate you moving towards your professional life goals. Together, you identify patterns and habits that aren't serving you. You will discuss what is at risk in meeting your goals and also, what is at risk in not meeting them. She will help you discover what your own limitations and how to navigate through them. Like a good coach, Dr. DeWitt connects with your present ability and guides you the next level of performance.


It is essential that business partners communicate effectively and have a shared vision for their company's future. Dr. DeWitt helps you to understand where you are connecting and where their are breakdowns in your partnership.


When a team does not feel safe enough to take risks and generate rich discussions, innovation is stifled. It is through creative, engaged and dissenting discussions that new ideas form. Dr. DeWitt facilitates the teams' understanding of their own micro-culture, gathering what is working and what could work better and next steps forward.


Dr. DeWitt is also available to facilitate team meetings and focus groups.

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